Historic Landmark Program

The Village Council adopted a new Historic Preservation Ordinance on December 15, 2015.  The new ordinance was the result of extensive community participation at both the Historic Preservation and Design Review Board (formerly the Architectural Design Review Board)/ Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Historic Preservation meetings and Village Council meetings.   

The new ordinance includes two types of historic districts: contiguous and thematic.

A contiguous district would consist of two or more adjacent properties. In order for the nomination to be considered by the Village, 51% of the property owners within the proposed district must agree to apply. Once established, the character of the properties would be preserved through a Certificate of Appropriateness process which would require certain external modifications or improvements which are visible from the street to be approved by the HPDRB.

While the contiguous district was part of the previous ordinance, the concept of a thematic district is new. This type of district would allow the owners of properties of similar character or significance to form a historic district whether the properties are adjacent to each other or located throughout the Village. For example, the owners of Victorian-style homes located throughout the Village could form a district. A thematic district application requires consent by 100% of owners.

The new ordinance also reduces regulations that deter participation in preservation efforts, such as regulations regarding the Certificate of Appropriateness. Under the new ordinance, only exterior changes or modifications that require a building permit (excluding doors or windows) or are visible from a street would be subject to the Certificate of Appropriateness.

The ordinance maintains provisions to protect property owners from allowing others, including the Village, to enact preservation regulations without the owner's consent. The ordinance also maintains the Historic Preservation and Design Review Board as the Village’s Historic Preservation Commission.