How Many Historic Districts Does Downers Grove Have?

With so many older buildings and homes in Downers Grove, have you ever wondered how many historic districts there are in town? The answer might surprise you: None!

In 2007 the Village adopted a Historic Preservation Ordinance which allows property owners to apply for individual landmark or historic district status. As of now there are 31 individually landmarked properties in the Village, but zero historic districts.

You may have noticed various signs around town that call out certain areas as “Honorary Historic Districts”. These signs were installed at the request of the Historical Society decades ago (prior to the existence of a historic preservation ordinance) to recognize historically significant areas. These signs are strictly honorary, are not affiliated with the Village Historic Preservation Ordinance, and the areas they recognize are NOT protected in any way.

Landmarking and/or forming a historic district are the best ways to preserve the valuable architecture in our community. If you’re interested in learning more about either or both of these options, consider attending our upcoming event Preserving Your Home & Its History on Thursday, September 5.  Village staff will be there to provide more information and answer questions. You will also learn more about the Historical Society and Downers Grove Museum’s Historic Home Program, an honorary program that preserves the history of Downers Grove homes. We hope to see you there!

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