Historic Sites

Since 1997, each year the Downers Grove Historical Society has recognized one significant building or site which has been important to the history of our village as part of our Historic Sites Program.  Once the site is extensively researched, a bronze plaque which is permanently mounted on the building or at the site.  These locations help paint a picture of our development as a village. Each structure and historic site contributed to our story and by commemorating them, we help preserve their importance in the lives of our citizens throughout the years.


1997Twin-City Zephyr Crash Site near Main Street Train Station5001 Main Street
1998Tivoli Theatre5021 Highland Avenue
1999Downers Grove Park District Golf Course2420 Haddow Avenue
2000Main Street Cemetery5190 Main Street
2001Lincoln Center935 Maple Avenue
2002Prince Pond4900 Prince Street
2003Pierce Downer Well4448 Seeley Avenue
2004The Chicago Railroad Center of the Nation Mural920 Curtiss Street
2005The First Baptist Church929 Maple Avenue
2006Avery Coonley School1400 Maple Avenue
2007Historic Brick Streets 
2008Downers Grove North High School4436 Main Street
2009Whittier School
Longfellow School
536 Hill Street
1435 Prairie Ave
2010Farmer’s & Merchant Bank5135 Main St
2011Civil War plaque5190 Main Street
2012Masonic Temple Building923 Curtiss Street
2013Blodgett House831 Maple Avenue
2014Mochel Hardware Store5122 Main Street
2016Fairview Train Station5015 Wilcox Ave
2017Underground Railroad Monument5190 Main Street
2018Penner Building5219-5221 Main St
2019Grant E Dicke Fire Station1110 Warren Ave
2021Pierce Downer Burial Place4520 Linscott Ave
2022Girl Scout Cabin at Maple Grove Forest Preserve1602 Maple Ave
2023Belmont Golf Club2420 Haddow Ave
 Maple Grove Forest PreserveThe Maple Grove Forest Preserve Downers Grove IL
 Downer Burial Ground4523 Linscott
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