Historical Research

Downers Grove Historical Society Research

This website of Downers Grove Historical Society provides access to society newsletter archives, descriptions of over 100 historical buildings and sites, biographies for those associated with Downers Grove history including all Founders of the Year, Historians of the Year and the Montrew Dunham Award honorees.  The Downers Grove 1832-1982 book is now available here. .

Additional sources for historical research about the Downers Grove area, including the Downers Grove Museum,  Downers Grove Public Library, and online materials are described below.

Other Resources

Carol Wandschneider

In Honor of Carol Wandschneider

This Downers Grove history research guide is dedicated to Carol Wandschneider (1944-2020). Carol was a valued and much-loved Historical Society director and local historian. She also spent many volunteer hours at the Downers Grove Museum. She was dedicated to preserving the history of Downers Grove in every way possible and always strived to find a way to help others get the information they needed, whether for genealogical research or finding a little-known fact about Downers Grove. Her decades of research created a legacy of lasting impact.

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