Pauline Wandschneider

Born: 1904
Died: 1993

Pauline Wandschneider was a noted local historian, and founder of the Downers Grove Historical Society.

Pauline Wandschneider moved to Downers Grove in 1936 with her husband Fritz and two daughters. As her children grew up, Pauline became very interested in the history of Downers Grove and started collecting stories, research materials, and historical objects. She founded the Downers Grove Historical Society in 1966 and became the Village’s historian.

When the Park District decided to hire a part-time curator to oversee the museum after moving to the Charles Blodgett House in 1976, Pauline was the obvious choice. She worked hard to expand the museum’s collection, create exhibits, and give tours. The Park District named the museum’s grounds Wandschneider Park in her honor in 1978.

Pauline Wandschneider

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