montrew dunham award recipient

2023: Bruce Swanson

The Downers Grove Historical Society awarded Bruce Swanson as the recipient of the 2023 Montrew Dunham Award. This award was created in 2019 to honor those whose significant service and contributions to the Village of Downers Grove have earned them a place in its history, following in the footsteps of noted teacher, author, historian, and community volunteer, Montrew Dunham.

“Holey” and “holy” are two words easily associated with Downers resident Bruce Swanson. He is an avid golfer who frequently plays nine holes or more. He is also known for his charitable works. As a result, the Downers Grove Historical Society is naming Swanson the recipient of its 2023 Montrew Dunham Award, which honors a resident each year for his/her outstanding humanitarian activities in the community.

The award will be presented in a ceremony at 1:00 pm. on Saturday, October 7 , 2023 in the Breasted Auditorium at Lincoln Center, 935 Maple Avenue.

Bruce Swanson
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