Anna Parker Paige

Main St. Cemetery Marker: B7
Born: April 13, 1801
Died: August 6, 1879

Anna Parker Paige was the daughter of American Revolutionary soldier Levi Parker. She was born in 1801. She married David Paige in 1823. The Paige family is represented by three generations of family members in the Main Street Cemetery. Husband David worked as a farmer and clothier to provide for his family that included five children. Three of the children died as infants but in 1837 the family moved with their remaining two children, Mary Alzina and Gardner, to Downers Grove. David built one of the first frame houses here for his family and Anna taught school in the area. David was said to be an active abolitionist along with Israel Blodgett, Robert Dixon, Henry Carpenter, Rockwell Guild and Pierce Downer. All of these men participated in Underground Railroad activities in the county. David died in 1864 before the end of the Civil War but Anna lived until 1879.

Annaʼs father Levi Parker was born on 16 April 1762 in Lincoln, Massachusetts and died 20 March 1813 in Royalton, Vermont. He was the son of Joseph and Eunice Hobbs Parker and one of 10 children born to them. In 1768 Levi married Mary Lyon and they raised a family of nine children. Levi Parker served for three years in the 4th Massachusetts Regiment. He enlisted in the fall of 1780 and served as a Private until 31 December 1783. The 4th was raised in April of 1775 by Col. Ebenezar Learned and disbanded on 3 November 1783 at West Point, New York. The 4th participated in the battles of Bunker Hill, New York Campaign, battles of Trenton, Princeton, Saratoga, Monmouth and Rhode Island. Leviʼs wife Mary, or Polly as she was called, received a pension of $80 per year until she died in 1853. Levi was buried in North Royalton Cemetery, North Royalton, Vermont when he died at the age of 50.

Today all the Paige graves are marked with monuments to honor this early pioneer family of Downers Grove.


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