Annis Weed Gilbert Paige

Main St. Cemetery Marker: B8
Born: 1826
Died: 1889

The Paige family is represented by 3 generations of family members in the Main Street Cemetery. The father David Paige was born in Royalton Vermont in 1796 and he married Anna Parker, who was born in 1801, in 1823. Anna was the daughter of Revolutionary Soldier Levi Parker.

David worked as a farmer and clothier to provide for his family that included 5 children. Three of the children died as infants but in 1837 the family moved with their remaining 2 children to Downers Grove. David built one of the first frame houses here for his family and Anna taught school in the area. David was said to be an active abolitionist along with Israel Blodgett, Robert Dixon, Henry Carpenter, Rockwell Guild and Pierce Downer. All of these men participated in Underground Railroad activities in the county. David died in 1864 before the end of the Civil War but Anna lived until 1879.

The 2 Paige children made their homes in Downers Grove. Daughter Mary Alzina married Washington Burdett Pratt in 1849. He was a farmer and miller. They had 3 children but sadly Mary died in 1856 a few days after giving birth to her 3rd child. The child also died a few days after Mary. Mary and her baby were the first of the Paige family to be buried in Main Street.

Son Gardiner married Annis Weed Gilbert in 1852. She was the daughter of Medad Gilbert who was a veteran of the War of 1812. Gardiner was well known in Downers Grove as he served as police magistrate for 10 years, tax assessor and notary of public. Gardiner and Annis had 5 daughters. Two of their daughters Alzina and Hannah died in 1865 just a few months after their grandfather David died. Their father Gardiner was buried near them in 1889 when he died of a heart attack. Annis Gardiner died in 1879.

Today all the Paige graves are marked with monuments to honor this early pioneer family of Downers Grove


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