Charles Blair Blodgett Jr.

Main St. Cemetery Marker: F2
Born: Sept 30, 1876
Died: 1877

Charles Blair Blodgett, Jr, was the infant son of Charles Blodgett and grandson of noted abolitionist Israel Blodgett and wife Avis Dodge Blodgett. He died the year after his birth. His grave had gone unmarked for many years but in 2023 he was honored with a monument in the Main Street Cemetery near his grandparents.


  • Charles Blodgett [father]
  • Emma Brookins Blodgett [mother]
  • Harry Blodgett [brother]
  • William Blodgett [brother]
  • David Blodgett [brother]
Compiled by: Lois Sterba

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