May is National Preservation Month

Our mission is to educate our citizens and visitors about the rich history of Downers Grove so there is a desire to preserve it for future generations. We believe that the desire for preservation comes through education, and all of our programs work toward that goal. The two specific programs described below target the preservation of our historic sites and architectural heritage.

Historic Home Program:

This partnership program (with the Downers Grove Museum) helps homeowners research the history of their 50+ year-old homes. This voluntary program involves tracking down names of the home’s past owners, deed transfers, and mortgage data back to the time of construction. During this process, many interesting details are uncovered, sometimes finding well-known business owners, architects, builders, and entrepreneurs who helped build the Village we see today. These homeowners receive a free metal plaque to be mounted on their homes stating that their home is a “Historic Home.” The research is then housed at the Museum. Photos and details about this long list of Historic Homes is found at  www.dghistory/historic-home-program.

Historic Site Program:

Every year, the Society identifies a site within Downers Grove that warrants special attention. The site is researched, its origins identified, and the information is placed on a plaque at the site. Our focus is to educate those passing by about the historic details of the site, thereby building a community awareness of its value for future preservation. On August 24th of this year, we will do this ceremony at the Belmont Prairie. Stay tuned for more details about this Village treasure and its fascinating history. You can see the locations and find more information for these important sites at www.dghistory.org/historic-sites.

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