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Were you unable to attend the History on Tap event? Do you wish you could have tested your knowledge with the trivia questions? Well it’s not too late! Let’s see if you know as much about our history as you think you do! Good luck!

History on Tap Trivia Questions

1)      Which location was recognized this year as being on the Underground Railroad?
  • a)      The Pierce Downers House
  • b)      The Israel Blodgett House
  • c)      The Orange Lyman House
2)      In 1910 what building was on the NE corner Main & Maple (Main & Maple Apts)?
  • a)      Car dealership
  • b)      Law offices
  • c)      Church
3)      When was the last burial in Main Street Cemetery?
  • a)      1938
  • b)      1912
  • c)      1955
4)      What was the first landmarked property in Downers Grove?
  • a)      The Charles Blodgett House
  • b)      The Drew House
  • c)      The Pierce Downers House
5)      Who donated the land for the Main Street Cemetery?
  • a)      Samuel Curtiss
  • b)      Pierce Downer
  • c)      Village of Downers Grove
6)      What is the oldest brick building in Downers Grove?
  • a)      Pierce Tavern
  • b)      Penner Building
  • c)      Sucher Blacksmith Shop
7)      Which property in Downers Grove is on the National Register of Historic Places?
  • a)      Pierce Downer House
  • b)      Avery Coonley School
  • c)      Israel Blodgett House

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History on Tap Trivia Answers:

  1. (b) The Israel Blodgett House
  2. (c) Church
  3. (a) 1938
  4. (b) The Drew House
  5. (a) Samuel Curtiss
  6. (c) Sucher Blacksmith Shop
  7. (b) Avery Coonley School

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