The Louis B. Gesner House
Location: 4816 Linscott Avenue Downers Grove IL
Building style/form: Vernacular, Gable-Ell
Date built: 1892
This is a Centennial Home

This Centennial Home in the E. H. Prince Subdivision was built by Earl Prince.

The house had numerous owners. The name chosen for this Centennial Home was the first owner, Louis B Gesner. Louis was was an Downers Grove President from 1902-1903. He was later president of the school board. Louis also patented a rotary steam engine for use in mining.

Later owners included Edmund and Margaret Groat and Don and Donna Whitlock.

A plaque was presented to Timothy and Dawn Curley during the October 27, 1994 membership meeting.

The 2013 Village of Downers Grove Architectural + Historical Survey described the home as significant indicating that “This house retains a high level of integrity and [is] an excellent example of a vernacular Gable-Ell house”.

Centennial Home submitted by: Timothy and Dawn Curley
Approved: 1991


4816 Linscott Avenue Downers Grove IL

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