David Klein House
Location: 1741 Prairie Avenue
Building style/form: Farmhouse
Date built: 1855
This is a Centennial Home

This farmhouse is representative of an old New England Home.

David Klein was an immigrant from Alsace, France and had 9 children lived in the house and farmed 997 acres on the area.

Around 1900, Marshall Field purchased the home. A caretaker lived in the house He used it to rest horses that pulled delivery carts. It is believed he used the grounds for hunting and boarding horses. While he never lived here, Marshall Field most likely stayed here after playing golf at the Belmont Golf Club. The building may have been used as hunting lodge by his friends.

Englishman Arthur Rhodes then purchased the home around 1929. Mr. Rhodes was an artist who hand painted ceramics for Pickard China Company and others. He painted the existing murals that wrap around all 4 dining room walls. The home was used as a nursing home by Mrs. Rhodes after the death of her husband; she was a nurse.

The Bollinger Family, who submitted the application for recognizing their Centennial Home, held a free open house on May 23, 2004 for Historical Society members.

Centennial Home submitted by: Lowell Bollinger
Approved: 1995


1741 Prairie Avenue

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