The Allen J. Krietzer House
Location: 4220 Highland Ave, Downers Grove, IL 60515
Building style/form: Dutch Colonial
Date built: 1926
Historic Home Program

Built circa 1926, this Historic Home was on the Sears Home list for a long time. It was thought to be a Sears Puritan Kit Home. Upon inspection of the original architect’s plans, supplied by the owners, Marianna & Harrison Holm, it was discovered that local builder  J. T. Schless designed and built the house, and that it’s actually a copy of a Sears Puritan. This two story home has a gambrel roof and the original siding is thought to be wood clapboard. The facade is symmetrical and there are decorative windows in the gable ends. The front entry porch is under an overhanging eave and the windows are an eight over one configuration. J. T. Schless built several significant buildings in Downers Grove including the Tivoli Theatre and the Century of Progress House at 1324 Maple Avenue. The Century of Progress House is recognized through the Historic Home Program and is also landmarked by the village.

Historic Home submitted by: Marianna & Harrison Holm
Approved: 2018


4220 Highland Ave, Downers Grove, IL 60515

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