The Stefan & Elizabeth Budzik House
Location: 623 Gierz St Downers Grove IL
Building style/form: Gable Front
Date built: 1891
Historic Home Program

This house is a Gable Front Vernacular House in which the gable is facing the street or entrance side of the house. The gable front house allows the narrow part of the house to face the street, usually on a rectangular lot. The gable front house became a uniquely American folk house type.

Located in the Gostyn Subdivision, this part of town was settled primarily by working class immigrants from the eastern European area in the late 1800’s & early 1900’s.

This home was built by Stefan & Elizabeth Budzik. They came from Poland-Czech-Slovak area of Europe. Mr. Budzik and his wife lived and raised their family here for approximately 49 years. Mr. Budzik passed away in 1940 and his wife passed away in 1941.

Research by Chuck  Holtzen. Photo by Sydney Musselman

Historic Home submitted by: Carlene and Michael Mogavero
Approved: 2021


623 Gierz St Downers Grove IL

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