The Rupert and Bessie Bateman House
Location: 1117 Maple Ave
Building style/form: Colonial Revival
Date built: 1924
This is a Historic Home

This Colonial Revival home has a columned entry porch at the front entry, entry door sidelights. The home is symmetrical in form, has a hipped roof, and has double hung multi-paned windows that are in pairs or 2 or 3 windows.

Rupert E. Bateman, namesake of the house, was a respected businessman in Downers Grove. He was a resident of Downers Grove for 56 years. At the age of 12, he established the first route to deliver the Chicago Tribune in Downers Grove. He graduated from Downers Grove High School in 1899. In 1902 he organized the Potter Lumber & Manufacturing Company. This company was located where the Downers Grove Village Hall is now. The company had an extensive mail order business for Potter’s Portable Poultry Houses as well as the lumber business. After the Village bought the property, the company moved to Westmont and the name changed to Bateman Lumber & Coal.

One of the current owners, Andi Kinsella, is the granddaughter of builder of this home.

Researched by Chuck Holzen and Andrea Kinsella.

Historic Home submitted by: Andrea and William Kinsella
Approved: 2022


1117 Maple Ave

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