The Corinne S. Foote House
Location: 1130 Franklin St, Downers Grove, IL 60515
Building style/form: Queen Anne
Date built: 1892
This is a Downers Grove Landmark

This landmarked home was built by Emerson Foote whom was EH Prince’s business partner in EH Prince and Company. Emerson died suddenly a month before moving into the home he built for his family. His wife Corinne and their children, Mason and Marguerite along with the servant Hilma Anderson moved in. Corinne stayed active with E.H. Prince and Company erecting the Green House that once stood between Saratoga and Forest (once known as Foote St.). Emerson was a cousin to DK Foote whom was one of the first residents to ride the train to Downers Grove in 1843.

The Foote family has donated the original plot maps for the subdivision to the museum. Emerson’s map can be found at the Foote House.

The home itself has passed through many hands including the Dicke Family (Dicke Tools), Heartt Family (Father was a Civil War hero), and the Draper Family (the ticket agent during the Zephyr crash). The house has its original clapboard siding and limestone foundation. All of the wood work is original to the home. It had wide plank floors which are now covered with oak. The unique features of the home include the traditional Queen Anne turret and a servants hall.

For more information, see the Village of Downers Grove Landmarking Resolution for this house.

Historic Home submitted by: Cynthia Zaeske
Approved: 2012
Landmark submitted by: Frederic and Cynthia Zaeske
Landmark Criteria:
  1. Architecture – Queen Anne
  2. Notable Residents – The Foote Family


1130 Franklin St, Downers Grove, IL 60515

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