The Ehr House
Location: 5320 Benton Avenue Downers Grove IL
Building style/form: Prairie, American Foursquare
Date built: 1924
This is a Downers Grove Landmark

The Ehr House is named after John J. Ehr who lived in the home with his wife Regina, their 5 children, and Regina’s mother. The family owned the home for approximately 40 years.

The American Foursquare style house is aptly named after its cubic shape and division of living space into quarters and is sometimes called a “Classical Box” or “Prairie Box”. Foursquares are typically two and a half stories and include a medium pitched pyramid roof, a centrally placed dormer, front porches, and wood, stucco. and brick walls. In the Village many Foursquares were designed in the Prairie style which are often noted for their wide eaves.

For more information on this landmarked home, see the Village of Downers Grove Landmarking Resolution for this house.

Historic Home submitted by: Dave and Amy Gassen
Approved: 2016
Landmark submitted by: Dave and Amy Gassen
Landmark Criteria:

Architecture – American Foursquare



5320 Benton Avenue Downers Grove IL

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