The Lyman Clifford House
Location: 844 Maple Avenue Downers Grove IL
Building style/form: Vernacular Upright and Wing
Date built: 1876
This is a Downers Grove Landmark

The Lyman Clifford House The landmarked Lyman Clifford House is a vernacular Upright and Wing house which was popular from the 1870s through the 1920s. Upright and Wing is a house type that typically features a gable front portion with one or two side wing extensions. These wings are usually one to one-and-a half stories tall. In addition to a gable front, this house consists of two wing extensions: while the west wing appears to be part of the original home, the east wing is believed to have been added in the 1920s. The home still retains many of its original interior and exterior architectural features; including doors, windows, storm windows, wood clapboard siding, window trim, ‘hood’ molding, and wood trim under the gable.

For more information, see the Village of Downers Grove Landmarking Resolution for this house.

Historic Home submitted by: Selma I Moberg
Approved: 2019
Landmark submitted by: Selma I Moberg
Landmark Criteria:

Architecture – Gable-Ell farmhouse



844 Maple Avenue Downers Grove IL

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