Grant E. Dicke Fire Station
Location: 1110 Warren Ave, Downers Grove, Illinois
Date built: 1928

The first fire station, Fire Station #1, was built in 1928 and remained the only fire station until Fire Station #2 was built in 1953 at Main and Summit. It was renamed the Grant E. Dicke Fire House in 1961 to honor the longest serving fireman, Grant Dicke, who had served for 50 years as of that date and who served as fire chief from 1925-1967. The Dicke family name became synonymous with fire fighting in our town. Casper Dicke, Grant’s father and the owner of Dicke Tool Works had twice been affected by devastating fires in 1903 and 1911 which destroy his building. He became a big supporter of fire safety and was instrumental in generating interest in building a permanent fire station in town for the all-volunteer department. In 1927, the bond issue was approved and the station was built on land owned by Mr. Dicke. All 7 of Dicke’s sons served in the fire department over the years.

Approved: 2019


1110 Warren Ave, Downers Grove, Illinois

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