The Charles “Coffee” & Selma Johnson House
Location: 401 Sherman Street Downers Grove IL
Building style/form: Vernacular, Gable-Front and Gabled Ell
Date built: 1883
Historic Home Program

This home was built in the late 1800’s. The roof has two sloped sides that meet at a center ridge. The triangular ends of the walls on the other two sides are called gables. The gable front of this house faces the street and is the front of the house. This style home was often a working-class home, which this home was, it is a frame house with a rectangular plan, and front entry on the open end of the gable.

A small addition to the east side of the front of the house was added in the style of existing building. Siding was added to the side of the house after Mr. Kruep started a fire while attempting the strip the clapboards.

Charles “Coffee” Johnson bought the house as an investment and never lived there. He lived in East Grove, now part of Downers Grove for a time , but eventually put down permanent roots in Carbon County, Wyoming in 1883. Letters from the time show it was a rough  and tumble out west. Coffee has his ups and downs in business but he was considered an honorable and upright man, and one of the most highly respected men in Carbon County.

This home was researched by Chuck Holtzen.

The Charles "Coffee" & Selma Johnson House

Historic Home submitted by: Donna and Daniel Kruep
Approved: 2022


401 Sherman Street Downers Grove IL

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