The Frank & Marie Kavka House
Location: 4610 Douglas Road Downers Grove IL
Building style/form: Dutch Colonial Revival
Date built: 1930
Historic Home Program

This home was originally built by Frank & Marie Kavka circa 1930. The style of this home is considered a Dutch Colonial Revival Style and possesses some of these traditional characteristics including a gambrel roof with flared eaves, gable dormers and porch under overhanging eaves running the full width of the house. It retains most of the original hardwood floors and trim work.

The Kavka’s only lived in the home for 5 years and then sold it to the next owners. The home is located in the Shaffer Subdivision that had been newly recorded in 1928. So this is probably one of the early homes built in this subdivision.

Research by Chuck Holtzen. Photo by Sydney Musselman.

Historic Home submitted by: Lindsay McMenamin
Approved: 2021


4610 Douglas Road Downers Grove IL

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