The George H. Bunge House
Location: 4800 Oakwood Ave Downers Grove IL
Building style/form: Prairie
Date built: 1911
This is a Historic Home

This house is considered an example of Prairie Style architecture. The structure has a stucco exterior, strong horizontal lines, and a somewhat open concept for the first floor. It flows well from the inside to the outside. And has very simple lines. The basic foundation of Prairie School architecture is that a dwelling should function for its dwellers without being too elaborate or decorated. This school of thought felt that the intricacies of Victorian architecture were too excessive. The Prairie Style was one of the first styles of architecture to incorporate modern ideas that form follows function.

The house is being named after the fifth owner, George H. Bunge (1904-1983). George H. Bunge was the son of Gustav Bunge. Together they built the Tivoli Theater in Downers Grove in 1928. George H. Bunge had just graduated from Northwestern University Law School. He lived in the house from August 1944 to April 1962 with his first wife. They raised their family in this home.

Mrs. Bunge passed away in 1958. After Mr. Bunge married his second  wife they sold the home and moved to a different location in Downers Grove. In the Downers Grove Reporter, 23 Feb 1990, it was reported that “George Bunge had stated ‘his desire to build something in and for the community which would endure, which would stand as sort of a monument to his years of residence and service in and for the Village’. By being the owner and having built the Tivoli building many would say he accomplished what he desired.” Mr. Bunge was an attorney and practiced law in Downers Grove and eventually went on to become a Small Claims Court Judge.

George graduated from the Downers Grove High School located in Lincoln School in 1921.  He came up name of the yearbook, The Cauldron, which Downers Grove North still uses today.

Research by Chuck Holzen.

Historic Home submitted by: Heather and Paul Kinealy
Approved: 2021


4800 Oakwood Ave Downers Grove IL

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