The Joseph Moore House
Location: 5708 Springside Ave Downers Grove IL
Building style/form: Craftsman
Date built: 1927
Historic Home Program

Built in 1927, the Joseph Moore House is a Sears Kit Home “Bedford” model. The mortgage was secured from Sears Trustee Walker O. Lewis on March 16, 1927 for $4100. The description of the Bedford model from the Sears Home Catalog reads:

“The Bedford bungalow home is readily admired wherever built. Its exterior is given a substantial appearance by the use of heavy columns and solid porch railing. It is planned to be constructed with first story of brick veneer with shingled gables and dormer.”

Historic Home submitted by: Diane and Mark Dreher
Approved: 2018


5708 Springside Ave Downers Grove IL

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