The Reideler House
Location: 4823 Prince Street Downers Grove IL
Building style/form: Vernacular, American Foursquare
Date built: 1923
Historic Home Program

The Reideler HouseThe Reideler House is an American Foursquare manufactured as Sears Kit Home “Langston” model whose description from the Sears Home Catalog reads:

“A neat and roomy house at a very low price. Was designed especially with two objects in view, economy of floor space and low cost.”

A small addition has been added to the back of the house.

The home was owned by William and Clara Reideler for over 50 years.

Researched by Cindy Zaeske.

Historic Home submitted by: Nick and Megan Klucharik
Approved: 2019


4823 Prince Street Downers Grove IL

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